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August 1st LAN

Friday, July 31st, 2009

As has been posted in the forums already, our next is this weekend and will be held at MadMax’s house in Katy.

This will be a 16 person lan, and cost will be $10 to cover A/C costs at MadMax’s home and also gets you 1 pizza mia from dominos.

Currently there are 12 people signed up, if you are wanting to attend contact Pharacon or I if you are wanting to join us all.

The lan will start at 13:00 and will go untill everyone leaves.

Games currently on the “agenda” that will be played, will be:
Counter-Strike: Source
Team Fortress 2
Left 4 Dead
and Call of Duty 4 most likely.

So unless we get some crazy A.D.D. as usual, this for certian will be the lineup.

For those that are not on the LAN mailing list, hit up the forums and post your details.


*EDIT* 14 people signed up now, only 2 spots left!

Welcome to

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

This site is currently under construction, and hopefully in time we will be a dedicated portal for all the LAN and other events related to in the Southern Texas area, in time I hope to get rid of this awful wordpress BS.

For now it will be an informational source for events in the Angleton/Houston/Lake Jackson and surrounding areas.

Our forums are avalible here, which will be the main source for various discussions and event postings, so go register an account and join in.

Glad to have you all here, and hope this will be beneficial for all.