April 24th LAN Party Scheduled

Hey everyone!

   It has been a while since I have made any updates here, however today I bring news of the next S.T.A.G. LAN Party.

It will be held on April 24th at 7 P.M., and will either be at the L.J. Library

The usual agenda applies:
Your PC and the proper cables, $5 for the pizza fund, and whatever you like to drink.
I will be getting us a case of Bawls so that will be one thing available for certain.

We will most for ceritan be playing MW2/COD4 and are open for suggestions for anything else, I personally would like to get in on some nostalgia and play some Desert Combat, BF Vietnam or UT.

See you there!


3 Responses to “April 24th LAN Party Scheduled”

  1. Pharacon says:

    BC2?!?! MW2 is so 09!

  2. Bone_Enterprise says:

    Not everyone owns BC2 hence the problem.

  3. Pharacon says:

    The have the 4 pack still I think, friend up!

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