October 30th LAN Anyone?

We will be trying to get another LAN up and going on Friday, October 30th, plans are to start on or around 7pm and going till whenever things die off.

Hopefully with advanced notice this time we will have a bigger turn out.

What games would you guys like to play this time around?
Let us try and have less issues with “Hey lets play this who has it installed?…oh….well let us pass around the install media then!…oh hey something shiney…lets play something diffrent!”

So either add some comments to this post or hit the forums and start a discussion there.

Also thank you BAWLS for sending out our care package for the last LAN, will try and get another package for this next event, I would have pictures from last event if my microsd card did not shat itself and kill everything on it.

Want tasty blue bawls for your mouth?
Give them a visit by clicking the link/image to the right, or come to the LAN and have some there!


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