December 5th LAN

Hey guys,

There will be another lan coming up on Saturday, December 5th, this one will be put on by Pharacon at his house west of Houston.
Click the link on the to the right of the page, or his name in this post to get to his page and to get your name on the list of attendees for the event.

Otherwise a quick breakdown of the LAN is as follows:
Date: December 5th (1pm ~ 3am or so.)
Location: Pharacon’s House
Parking: Depending on how many people show up, people may need to park down the street some, the house is at the end of a culdesac and hinders traffic flow (and neighbors getting home) at the end of the street, so unload your stuff, and if it looks like you need to move, do so.
Things to bring: PC and proper cables (do not forget your cat5 cables you twits), a 6pack of soda you like, $5 for the pizza fund, and be sure to have TF2, CS:S pre-loaded!

I will post with more details as need be, see you there.

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