MWLL Beta Hotfix 1 Release

For those of you that have downoaded the MechWarriror: Living Legends Beta from here, Wandering Samuari Studios have already released a Hotfix for their mod to address some stability issues.

Written by Criminal – Tuesday, 29 December 2009:
Hey everyone,

Good news for all the players helping us make this beta such a huge success: We are releasing our first hotfix today that will address some of the issues with game stability. After installation you should see a good improvement in stability!

Another fix added involved clients not being able to connect to password protected servers. So to all Clans and groups using private servera you should now be able to connect with the proper password.

Here is a nice addition and something you might be interested in: Servers will now log statistical information on games played to the My Documents\My Games\Crysis\MWLL\stats folder. Each map played will write an XML file containing information on what was used in the game.

Patch: MWLL Beta Hotfix 1 Release

So go get your stuff patched up, I will post any more updates to the game as need be.

2 Responses to “MWLL Beta Hotfix 1 Release”

  1. Pharacon says:

    So is it any fun? I mean I got to install crysis to play and want to make sure it is worth the effort!

  2. Bone_Enterprise says:

    It is if you liked MechWarrior at all, granted it IS a beta so it is still a little buggy/laggy/etc but still plenty fun.
    Also since it is a mech game you got all the weird ass controls to deal with too =)

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